Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting - April 10, 2018 - 6:30 pm - Bend

The public is welcome to our Annual Meeting. We will  present slideshows showing what we achieved last year and what we plan to do this year.  Also, information on what is involved in volunteering as a Wilderness Steward or a Trailhead Host. We will have info about the free wilderness trails skill training that is available for you. You will be able to sign up to volunteer with us. In addition, current sponsors will be able to vote for our 2018 Board of Directors. Come along and talk to us and FS Rangers about how you can make a real difference to our wilderness lands.

Registrations so far:

  • Charles Ball – 1 person/people attending
  • Christophor cooksey – 1 person/people attending
  • Richard Nix – 1 person/people attending

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