Canyon Creek Meadows Restoration Project

Canyon Creek Meadows Restoration Project - July 12, 2017 - 7:15 am - Bend

SNOW DELAY – NEW DATE – July 12-13

We will carpool from Penny’s at 7:30 and meet FS Rangers at Sisters Ranger Station at 8:00 or you can meet us at Jack Lake Trailhead at 8:30.

Canyon Creek Meadows is in the Mt Jefferson Wilderness close to Three Fingered Jack. We will assist FS Rangers to close down some illegal campsites, do some general clean-up and restoration, and to install some trail signs. This will be a one night backpack or you can join us as a day-hiker for one day or two.

You will need work gloves, long sleeves and long pants, sturdy hiking boots and eye protection (eyeglasses or sunglasses will suffice.) You will need to bring the ten essentials including food, water,  sun and rain protection, extra layers, first aid kit, insect repellant, and backpacking gear if you are staying overnight.

No dogs please. Please bring a few dollars gas money for your driver.

Registrations so far:

  • Gary Evans – 1 person/people attending
  • Kelley McKeown – 1 person/people attending
  • Lili Masuret – 1 person/people attending
  • Maidie Kenney – 1 person/people attending
  • lisa grissell – 1 person/people attending

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