Love It and Leave It Clean Day! Moderate Plus- Sisters

Love It and Leave It Clean Day! Moderate Plus- Sisters - October 17, 2015 - 8:00 am - Sisters

We will divide up into teams of no more than 11, then each team will hike with a Ranger or trained volunteer on a different trail. 20140702_151414We will clean fire rings, pick up garbage, clean up campsites along with other tasks. No experience required. There will be a brief safety talk and volunteer agreements will need to be signed before heading out. We will be cleaning trails in Mt Jefferson, Mt Washington and Three Sisters Wildernesses. Those looking for a hike of 10 miles would be best for this Strenuous group. Bring your hiking gear, water, lunch and layers. Work gloves or plastic gloves would be great otherwise everything else will be provided. No dogs please. Under age 18 will need to accompany a parent. Thanks for your help, let’s leave the trails looking good for spring.

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