Devils Lake TH 3 Day Sign Installation Backpack

Devils Lake TH 3 Day Sign Installation Backpack - July 17, 2016 - 7:00 am - Bend

We will hike in from Devils Lake Trailhead carrying one set of tools and 3 signs. We will hike past the Le Conte Crater, crossing the Wickiup Plain and follow the PCT north to James Creek Trail. We will install 3 signs on day 1 and cache the tools for collection on our way out. We will camp near James Creek Shelter or near Indian Holes Falls. On day 2 we will hike to the junction of Buck Meadows Trail and Foley Ridge Trail where we will collect 3 signs and a second set of tools that have been cached for us. We will install 3 signs, return the tools to the cache site and hike back to camp. On day 3 we will hike out with the first set of tools to Devils Lake Trailhead.  Each day we will hike about 10 miles.

You will carry tools and signs and help to install the signs. We will cut signposts from downed trees. On the job training will be provided.  Bring work gloves, eye protection (eyeglasses or sun glasses will suffice) and a small trash bag. You will need long sleeves and long pants for protection while working but not while hiking. Wear proper hiking footwear. Bring full backpack camping equipment including  tent, sleeping bag, stove, snacks and sufficient food for 3 days, 2 liters water, a water purification system, sun and rain protection, extra layers of clothing and a personal first aid kit. Make sure that you have the 10 essentials recommended for hiking in the Wilderness. Please give drivers $2 for gas. No dogs please.

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