Willamette Station Service

Willamette Station Service - November 20, 2015 - 7:30 am - Crescent Ranger District

Day trip to check a camera station in the Willamette Pass area for red fox and marten carnivore monitoring. Bring hiking gear and a GPS. About eight miles roundtrip with a few hundred feet of climbing, including off trail travel assessing station locations and possibly tracking. Access is from the PCT trailhead at Willamette Pass. Carpool from Bend at 7:30 or meet at the trailhead at 9:30.

Expect winter conditions. Bring snowshoes. Boot traction devices also encouraged. Trail has snow and likely ice but is too thin for skis. Ice on Crescent Cutoff Road, Highway 58, and the parking area is likely.

This is a science outing and is structured differently than typical hiking. Travel destinations are set by availability of wildlife habitat within the forest, there’s stopping to document carnivore sign, and side trips will be taken to check critter activity if opportunity permits. Friends of the Central Cascades Wilderness provides all station equipment and instruction on what to do. After getting back to town you may need to export waypoints from your GPS, resize photos taken, and email them in for data logging.

No dogs is also a little more important than usual. Study species include wild canids, making domestic dogs problematic in regards to scent at stations and potential contamination of DNA samples.

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