Windy Carnivore Station Weekend 1

Windy Carnivore Station Weekend 1 - October 10, 2015 - 8:00 am - Crescent Ranger District

Overnight trip deploying four to six camera stations in the Windy Lakes area for forest carnivore monitoring. Bring backpacking gear and a GPS. Expect 10 miles hiking each day with a couple thousand feet of elevation change, including off trail travel assessing station locations. Access is from the Windy-Oldenburg trailhead at the west end of Crescent Lake.

This is a science outing and is structured differently than typical hiking. Travel destinations are set by availability of wildlife habitat within the forest and there’s stopping to document carnivore sign. Friends of the Central Cascades Wilderness provides all camera station hardware, DNA sample collection kit, and instruction on how they’re used in carnivore survey protocol. Bending down to look at things is common, so a pack on the lighter side can be helpful. Expect to carry two to four pounds of survey equipment in addition to your own gear.

After getting back to town you may need to export waypoints from your GPS, resize photos taken, and email them in for data logging. There is also some opportunity for tree climbing. If you have a climbing harness, helmet, and slings for tree self belay and want to use them bring them along.

No dogs is also a little more important than usual. Study species include wild canids, making domestic dogs problematic in regards to scent at stations and potential contamination of DNA samples.

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