Horse Lake Sign Install Day Hike - June 28, 2015 - 7:30 am - Elk Lake, OR

This is a FCCW stewardship opportunity to install 11 signs or how ever many we can get to. Some people may help carry tools in and out but most should already be at the work sites. We have all tools needed. No experience needed. Horse Lake has options for loop hikes and will also include Island Meadow area. About 10 miles roundtrip and 600ft elevation gain. It should be all logged out by Sunday. The trail head is Elk Lake just across the hwy from the Resort.

Long day, some rain sprinkles but we divided into teams and got it done! Great teamwork and still smiling having fun to the end.

Registrations so far:

  • Bob Burnett – 1 person/people attending
  • David Alward – 1 person/people attending

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