Snell Trail Transect Backpack

Snell Trail Transect Backpack - July 18, 2015 - 8:00 am - Crescent Ranger District

Overnight backpack in support of the Windigo-Diamond forest carnivore monitoring project. This is a normal backpacking trip plus we’ll be watching the trail for carnivore scats, stopping for a couple minutes to document scats or other sign we find, and collecting any red fox scats we identify for the Forest Service to send to UC Davis for genetic and diet analysis. No science experience necessary; this hike is also a two day, hands on training.

Windigo Diamond Trails
Route is nominally an out and back to Windy Lakes and north to Snell Lake in Diamond Peak wilderness, starting from the Windy-Oldenburg trailhead at the west end of Crescent Lake. Expect 10 to 12 miles each day with a couple thousand feet of elevation change and possible off trail side trips. A loop returning down Whitefish Creek and access to the PCT over Cowhorn are also possible if there’s group interest.  Please also bring a handheld GPS unit if you have one and/or load your phone with a topo map app such as Backcountry Navigator (Android) or Topo Maps (iOS) and download the maps for use in areas without coverage. After getting back to town you will need to export waypoints, resize documentary photos taken, and email them in for data logging. Friends will provide DNA sample collection kit. Kits weigh about as much as an empty Nalgene water bottle and are smaller.

While we’re looking for fox sign it’s likely much of what we’ll find is domestic dog, coyote, and marten. Many folks aren’t familiar with martens, so here’s a picture of a young one from one of Friends’ camera stations.

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