Bachelor Mt and Coffin Mt National Trails Day Hike - June 6, 2015 - 8:00 am - Bend

Let’s celebrate National Trails Day! Bachelor Mt is off of Hwy 22 and right next to Coffin Mt. This is not the ski area. Coffin Mt is one of my favorites and this hike is right next door and is at least equally good with an even better view of Jefferson. Tons of wildflowers. The hike is at least 2000ft elevation gain and about 10 miles. If you have extra energy there is the option of doing Coffin Mt as well. Which is 1100ft elevation gain and 3 miles round trip. It is awesome just by itself. All views and flowers with a lookout tower. This is an all day difficult hike if we do Coffin and all of Bachelor Mt!

Wonderful people, flowers and views! What could be better?

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