• Molly

    Molly Johnson - President

    Molly grew up in the Midwest, her parents took her on outdoor adventures every weekend and long road trips throughout the US and Canada. Molly moved to Bend in 2001 to work as a physical therapist and started exploring Oregon. Molly teaches hiking and snowshoeing for COCC. She is a Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness Ranger Volunteer.  molly@centralcascades.org

  • Martin

    Maureen Donahue

    Maureen moved to Bend, Oregon in 2012 after living in Minneapolis for 30 years. She has made a profession as a photo stylist and is continuing in the field while commuting to Portland. Living in Bend has allowed her to explore the west. Her inspiration in life comes from being a part of the natural world, and her convictions to protect our wilderness is of utmost importance to her. Working with FCCW enables Maureen to learn to become a steward of the wilderness and to help to educate others on how to protect it.

  • Don

    Don Work - Treasurer

    Don moved a few years ago to Fall River, Oregon from Vancouver, Washington. He is retired now after a corporate career in the paper mill industry. He enjoys visiting family and traveling. Don loves alpine and nordic skiing and is very active winter and summer. He is an avid cyclist, hiker and backpacker. He is known to bring wine and cheese to our events.

  • Maidie

    Maidie Kennedy - Secretary

    Maidie Kenney recently moved to her cabin on the Deschutes River. Backpacking since the 70s and now retired, she wants to "give back" to the backcountry she has enjoyed. She has been a project leader with wilderness volunteers since 2010, leading week-long trips throughout the western U.S. She backpacks with friends, family or solo, and can’t wait to introduce her grandchildren to the wilderness!

Jefferson, Washington, Three Sisters, Diamond, Thielsen