Our Board

Richard Nix – President

Richard Nix – President

Richard visited Bend and fell in love with the area. When he retired in 2013, he moved to Bend, and began hiking in the wilderness. He soon became concerned about the deterioration in the quality of the wilderness from year to year. Richard joined FCCW in 2015 and has participated in many FCCW stewardship hikes, leading many of them.
He has completed Forest Service Wilderness Stewardship Skills training at Mt. Adams Institute and he is certified in Wilderness First Aid and Crosscut Saw. Richard is committed to helping FCCW and the Forest Service to protect and conserve the wilderness. Richard has been married for 28 years and enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking, cross country skiing, scuba diving and walking his dogs. Contact at info@centralcascades.org

Colin Wilson – Vice President

Colin has been doing sign installation with FCCW since 2015, and has attempted to retire but failed miserably now back behand a desk in the corporate wilderness. When he’s not working, he is outdoors and enjoying the wilderness as the snow melts. With his IT background, he is also helping to update FCCW’s website and working to help get FCCW more into social media. Contact at colin@centralcascades.org

Don Work – Treasurer

Don moved a few years ago to Fall River, Oregon from Vancouver, Washington. He is retired now after a corporate career in the paper mill industry. He enjoys visiting family and traveling. Don loves alpine and nordic skiing and is very active winter and summer. He is an avid cyclist, hiker and backpacker. He is known to bring wine and cheese to our events.

Maidie Kenney – Secretary

Maidie Kenney recently moved to her cabin on the Deschutes River. Backpacking since the 70s and now retired, she wants to “give back” to the backcountry she has enjoyed. She has been a project leader with Wilderness Volunteers since 2010, leading week-long trips throughout the western U.S. She backpacks with friends, family or solo, and can’t wait to introduce her grandchildren to the wilderness!

Martin Held – Board Member

Martin is an Oregonian native that enjoys being in the outdoors as much as possible, and swimming every chance he can in high lakes.  He enjoys hiking, backpacking, and winter time cross country skiing into the solitude of the wilderness.  By daytime an electrical engineer, he also enjoys ham radio and teaching SCUBA as time allows. Martin was one of the original founding members of FCCW in 2014, and his primary aim is to continue educational programs to help train more volunteers to help keep the wilderness wild.